Power-Mate 15A

Item Number: PM15A
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Easy to use - tests 10A and 15A appliances
  • Suitable for small offices and businesses
  • Suitable for energy and power auditing
  • Calculates electricity costs and usage
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Product Information

Product Description

Reduce your energy and carbon footprint with the exceptionally accurate portable POWER-MATE energy use meter.

Receive immediate, accurate feedback to identify energy wasting appliances and put strategies in place that will reduce your energy consumption without having to wait until the next, costly, electricity bill comes in. Identify which appliances need protection from dangerous power surges, as it can display the maximum and minimum voltages recorded whilst in use. View instantly the results to tell you what the appliance costs you to run per hour, quarter or year.

No need to program the POWER-MATE every time you use it. For your convenience the settings and readings are stored internally when turned off. No batteries required.

POWER-MATE 15A may be used at Offices, Businesses and Industrial Premises.

Key Features

- The worlds most accurate, portable energy use meter
- Displays power use in Watts, Dollars, Carbon
- Instantly displays power use over Day, Month, Year
- Flying leads allows use in difficult locations
- Accurately measure very low energy (0.01W)

Additional Features
- Accurately measure sustained energy use in 15A applications e.g ovens, water pumps, air conditioners, computer server rooms and electrical motors where the current is up to15A constantly
- Measure inrush currents of electrical items like electrical motors and water pumps where the inrush currents can exceed 15A

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