Pneumatic Terminal and Lug Crimper 5T

Item Number: PA-6B
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Pneumatic crimping head for electrical terminals, designed for flexible product operations
  • Large range of dies and replacement head/jaws available
  • Operated by foot air valve
  • Unit should be bench mounted using the attachment base
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Product Information

Product Description

Pneumatic Terminal and Lug Crimper - PA - 6B

Cabac PA-6B pneumatic crimper is designed for flexible production operations. The unit can be fitted with a range of jaws, to crimp pre-insulated terminals, non-insulated terminals, open barrel "roll crimp" style terminals, and a range, of bootlace pin jaws, from 0.5 through to 50mm2. There is also a handy cutting die, for aluminum and copper wire up to 7mm OD. The unit should be bench mounted, using the attachment base, and it is operated by a foot air valve.

Technical Data

Air pressure requirement: 5 to 6 Bar
Output Force: 1.3 Ton at 5 Bar
Weight: 2kg
Dimensions of Body: 225 (L) * 135 (H) * 90 (W)

Dies Available

LY-03C - 0.5 to 6mm2 range
LY-04C - 0.14 to 6mm2 range

Un-insulated & Lugs
LY-10 - 1.5 to 8mm2 range

Roll Crimp Open Barrel
LY-03B - 0.5 to 6mm2 range

Boot Lace Terminal
LY-04WF - 0.5 to 4mm2 range
LY-06WF - 0.75 to 6mm2 range
LY-16WF - 6 to 16mm2 range
LY-25WF - 10 to 25mm2 range
LY-35WF - 16 to 35mm2 range
LY-50WF - 25 to 50mm2 range

Hex COAX Crimp. Other COAX dies available on request.
LY-02H - 6.5, 5.4, 1.72mm range

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