Cable Stocking 28-40mmL/UP

Item Number: CG30LU
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Lace up design allows the grip to be wrapped around the cable at any position secured by a lace
Can be used in central portion of a hauling job to share load
Ideal for retrofit in an industrial or mining application
Variations e.g. galvanised thimbles available on request
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Product Information

Product Description

CABAC's lace up grips are made flat to allow the grip to be wrapped around the cable at any position, then secured by a lace. These grips are used where it is impractical to use a tubular grip, which has to be fitted and removed from the end of the cable. Lace up grips can be used in the central portion of a hauling job, to load share with a tubular grip. They are also ideal for retro fitting to cables in an industrial or mining application.

The standard lace up style is manufactured from two ply galvanised steel wire strand, with an alloy ferrule and soft offset eye. Variations such as galvanised thimbles, copper ferrules, stainless steel strand, stainless steel thimbles and double eyes are also available.

Technical Data

To Grip Cable Diameter: 28-40mm
Grip Length Approx.: 800mm
Max Pull Approx.: 24kN

Max Pulling Tension (KN): 15
Grip Length (mm): 600
To Grip Cable Diameter (mm): 28-40
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