Personal Voltage Detector

Item Number: T288
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Warning of lethal voltages
Waterproof IP65
Easy to wear or hang on person
Detect AC voltage 110V plus
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Product Information

Product Description

Personal Voltage Detector

A personal voltage warning device that is worn on the outside of clothing attached to a belt or helmet .

The personal volltage detector detects voltage at various distances and is ideal for electrical workers, firemen, police, and emergency services. It indicates to the user to stay at a safe distance from live equipment.

The T288 consists of an internal pickup AC sensor plate, a test oscillator and a diagnostic circuit, an adjustable threshold comparator, buzzer alarm and LED visual indicator enclosed in a robust case. The AC sensor plate picks up the radiated electric field in volts per meter. This signal is amplified and processed and if above a threshold activates the oscillator for the buzzer and LED. The unit is always on and is powered by a 9 Volt battery which lasts about 6 months due to its low power consumption.

Some typical applications are voltage alert for electrical workers and emergency services, identifying AC live cables, tracing live wires, detecting residual or induced voltages, and finding breaks in cable.This is an excellent safety tool that can save lives and protects people from being electrocuted by High Voltage lines or equipment

Personal Voltage Detecter Features
• Warning of lethal voltages
• Waterproof IP65
• Easy to wear or hang on person
• High pitch sound
• Ultra bright LED indication
• Internal circuit test function
• High impact casing
• Detect AC voltage 110V plus
• Low battery indication

IEC61010 for vibration, drop and impact, IEC68-2-29 for Bump Test,IEC68-2-1 for cold temperature, IEC68-2-2 for dry heat,IEC68-2-3 for damp heat, CE, C(tick)

Typical Ranges

Line/Earth VoltageDetection Distance

240V5cm –20%

5kV2.5m –20%

10kV3.5m –20%

22kV6.25m –20%

33kV8m –20%

50kV10m –20%

Frequancy range40 to 70 Hz

Each unit is supplied with test leads, a soft case, manual and battery.

Batteries:Standard 9 V 6F22
Size:115 x 67 x 30 mm
Weight:146g with battery

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