Telecom Splice Connectors Red 3W 100Pcs

Item Number: 374CUR2-C
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Internal contact pins are tin plated brass and bodies are Polycarbonate - supplied in pack of 100
  • Certified to AS S008:2010
  • Filled with dimethyl silicone fluid insulation
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Product Information

Product Description

Telecom Splice Connectors are specifically designed to quickly connect two or three telecom conductors. Simply insert the un-stripped wires, and crimp the cap of the connector using the correct crimping tool (Part No. TELSP2), and the wires are connected forever.

Telecom Splice Connector Features
- CABAC Telecom Splice connectors are certified to AS S008:2010
- CABAC Telecom Splice connectors comply with ACMA requirements for use in telecommunications applications as Supplier E1508
- Contact pins are tin plated brass
- Connectors are filled with dimethylsilicone fluid insulation
- Bodies are made from polycarbonate plastic that resists splitting, rough handling and solvents

The connection method is an IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection), which is proven to be stable in the long term. Two IDC elements are used in each connection for greater
joint integrity.

Note: Ensure any crimp tool used has a parallel action, like the TELSP2 tool. Many low cost tools have a plier action, which is not recommended for crimping these connectors.

Technical Data

No. of Conductors: 3
Max Dia. Range: 0.4-0.9mm
Cap Colour: Red

Terminal Type: Splice Connector
Terminal Colour: Red
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