Heatshrink Medium Wall Glue L 12-3 1.2M

Item Number: SMDW12/3TK
Packaging Unit: 1 / Metre
Cross-linked Polyolefin heatshrink tube used primarily for waterproof jointing and sealing cable terminations
UV resistant operating temp. -55 to +135 Deg. Celsius
Resistant to common fluids, solvents and abrasion
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Product Information

Product Description

SMDW/STDW flexible heat shrinkable tubing is made from radiation crosslinked Polyolefin. Specially designed for insulating, protecting and sealing electrical connections and joints in medium and low-voltage cables. It is also resistant to chemicals, UV, moisture and oils.

48.28 kB
Heatshrink Type: Medium Wall Tube
Heatshrink Colour: Black
Product Colour: Black
Wall: Medium
Pre-Shrink Diameter (mm): 12
After-Shrink Diameter (mm): 3
Heatshrink Tube Length (M): 1.2
Recovered Wall Thickness (mm): 1.8
Glue Lined: Yes
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