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MSS Fibre Systems Fixed Rack Mount Enclosures offer the installer an affordable product of compact design, perfect for small cabinets or wherever space is limited. The rack mount enclosures ensure stability due to a ridged design and are easy to use. Available only in a modular coupler panel version capable of housing ST, SC and LC connectivity. 

Our Sliding Rack Mount Enclosures offer the installer a premium product with a variety of features for easy direct termination or fusion splicing of cables due  
to its unique sliding tray system. Its modular design provides the flexibility to choose from a variety of thru-adaptor types including ST, SC, FC, LC and MTRJ. Splice cassettes are easily fitted via pre-installed mountings and the sliding tray allows technicians easy access back into the enclosure after installation for repairs and maintenance. 

The MSS Fibre Systems Rodent Proof Enclosure includes special features that ensure the enclosure keeps rodents from entering to where the fibres are exposed. 

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