Cable Power IEC C14 to C15 1.5M

Item Number: H40IEC14151.5
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
10 Amp power cable supplied in a hang sell bag
Cable: 1mm sqr
C14 plug, C15 socket and cord: Black
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Product Information

Product Description

IEC Power Cable C14 to C15 1.5M

The 40IEC1415 is a slightly unusual power cable as the connectors are for different male-female pairing. A C14 (male/plug) is used from the usual C13/C14 pairing, and on the other end a C15 (female/socket), from the C15/C16 pairing.

The C15 female connector has the same pin array as a C13 as well as a notch at the base. The C15 can be plugged into the C14 or C16 inlets while the C13 is limited to the C14 inlet.

Applications include connecting equipment with a C13 socket to another peice of equipment that has a C16 plug. This is often found with computers and servers of certain brand/make. The cable connection combo, therefore, is often required in a computer/data room or IT environment.

The cable is further complicated by the differences in standards requirements. As C15/C16 connectors are traditionally associated with equipment that have a lightly elevated temperature, the cable will have to be rated similarly. The 40IEC1415 is tested to the relevant Australian Standards for trouble free power connection and peace of mind.

Technical Data

Max. Ampere10A



Cable Length2M

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